Southwest flight change policy

Southwest flight change policy

Southwest flight change policy: Southwest airlines are among the world’s largest airlines. It is a US-based airline. It provides an easy procedure to change the bookings. It allows you to alter the details like name, date, adding the passenger, etc.

Southwest flight change
Southwest flight change

As per Southwest flight change policy, you can amend the bookings by using online as well as offline modes. To more about the Southwest flight change policy continue reading this article.

Rules of Southwest flight change policy

There are some rules about the Southwest flight change policy.

  • Southwest flight change policy is applicable on the bookings made from the official website or through Southwest airline’s contact number.
    The change process of southwest airlines only is applied to the unused portion of the tickets.
  • After the changing process, if there is any balance remaining on the travel funds then, those funds were converted into reusable funds but only for the original passenger.
  • Southwest does not ever charge a change flight fee, but fare difference is applicable. Those passengers who have booked the higher class would have to pay the fare difference.
  • In case you book lower class then the difference is converted into the travel fund.
  • Wanna Get Away fares are reusable but non-refundable.
  • As per Southwest policy for flight changes, the amendments to the group bookings cannot be altered online.
  • Southwest travel fares expired after one year of the issue.

Southwest airlines fare types

Southwest airlines have different types of fares:

Wanna getaway

These are non-refundable fare types, but they are applied for future travel only for the originally ticketed passenger. That fare is canceled before 2-hours of the take-off. Under this fare the passenger has to administer the fare within 1 year, otherwise, the fare or the fee is expired.


This class is fully refundable. If you cancel this flight 10 min prior to the take-off then the amount of the fare is transformed into the future travel fund. If you cancel this 2 hours before the take-off then the fare is fully refunded.

Business select

This is also a fully refundable fare and if you cancel this 2- hours before the take-off then you will get a full refund.
Important: Southwest never charges any change fee in any fare type, they just take the price difference if there is any.

How to change flights on the southwest?

Southwest airlines allow you to alter the bookings through online or offline modes.

Southwest ticket change online

  • Log in to the official site i.e., through the “log in” button that was located on the top of the homepage.
  • Enter the 6- digit number, last name of the passenger, and the password to “log in”
  • After you log in, go to the “change flight” option which was shown on the right of the homepage.
  • Now enter the new details like the dates, destination, etc. you wanted to alter.
  • Click on “next” to proceed to the new flight option.
  • Note one thing before moving further that, you can make changes on the unused portion of their journey.
  • You will be notified about the fare difference if any.
  • After selecting the flight, you would proceed to the check-out page.
  • If you select the fare type which has a higher fare then you have to pay the pare difference and if you choose the lower fare type then the difference is converted into travel fund.
  • Now passengers would be asked to confirm the changes.
  • As soon as you confirm the changes you will get the confirmation notification about the journey.

Southwest flight change over the phone

If you won’t be able to change the details through the website you have an alternate option of changing the flight by calling on the customer care number of southwest airlines.

  • Call on the customer care number they will connect you to the official agents.
  • Make sure to keep your details ready while calling
  • The agent will verify the details of the passenger like the identity, date of birth, email with the details the passenger has provided at the time of the bookings.
  • As per the Southwest flight change, policy passengers can make changes on the unused portion of their journey.
  • You can change the flight date, time, destination at your convenience.
  • As per your preference, the agent will provide you with new flight options.
  • If you selected the fare service which is higher than your previous one, then you have to pay the fare difference.
  • You can pay the fare difference through debit or credit card over the phone.
  • In case you have booked the lower-class fare then the remaining fare would be converted to the future travel fund, and that can be used to purchase new tickets but within one year.
  • As soon as changes have been confirmed you will get the confirmation email about the journey.

Southwest flight change fee

  • With southwest airlines, you do not have to pay the change fee whether you change in domestic flights or international flights. That means you can amend the bookings freely without any fear of paying the change fee.
  • After changing the bookings if you choose a higher fare class then you have to pay the difference if any.
  • If you choose the lower fare type then the difference would be adjusted in the travel fund.
  • Airlines never charge any fee in case of sudden changes or emergency changes.

Southwest flight change refund

All tickets were not refundable on southwest airlines. The refund depends on the fare type you have purchased. If you are eligible or not for the refund is categorized according to the fare tickets.

Southwest refundable tickets

If the passengers have purchased the fully refundable tickets, then the unused portion would be refunded or the airlines adjust the unused portion to the future travel fund.

Southwest non-refundable tickets

The non-refundable tickets are those in which the passengers cannot ask for refunds but in these tickets, the passengers are allowed to use the unused amount as a future travel fund.

Under this, you cannot ask for cash or card refunds. If there is a delay due to any reason, the airlines offer the seats on the next earlier possible flight.

How to request the refund

In case the flight has not departed yet, you can ask for a refund through
  • Official website of southwest airlines, you have to cancel the flight first.
  • Calling on the customer care number and ask them to cancel the flight.
  • Mail southwest airlines about the refund process.
If the flight has departed, you can ask for a refund through
  • Calling the reservation department
  • Call the customer care number and talk to the officials.

Southwest reusable refunds

  • The reusable refund ticket can be used for future travel or you can get a refund within one year of the issue date.
  • At the time of bookings, the mode you used for the payment, you will get the refund through that mode.
  • If you pay through the debit/credit card it will be credited to the same debit/credit card within 7 days of the refund request.

Southwest airline refund timings

The refund department of southwest airlines credited the refund within 7 days of the refund request. But sometimes it depends upon the passenger’s bank they take up to 10 days to get the amount credited with the bank account.

Change name on southwest ticket

  • Sometimes due to typing errors made at the time of bookings people made types errors in the names. According to the Southwest flight change policy”
  • Passengers are not allowed to change names to different people.
  • The passengers can correct the name up to three characters at no change fee.
  • If the limit exceeds, then you have to contact the customer care number.
  • No fee is to be charged to change the name.
  • The name should be according to the passport or government-approved ID.

Southwest same day flight change

Southwest airlines allow their customers to change the flights on the same day of the reservations and the best part is they cannot charge any change fee for this. You can opt for online as well as offline modes to alter the bookings both ways were convenient for the passengers. Under both ways, they do not charge any change fee on any penalty for the cancellation of the flights.

Southwest 24 hour flight change.

The passengers were allowed a full amount refund if they cancel or alter the reservations within 24-hours of the purchase. Airlines provide you with the option of changing and canceling your flights for free. You just have to fill out a refund form.
In the case of non-refundable tickets, they will be transferred to the account of future travel credit.

FAQ about southwest airlines

Ques 1. What is the Southwest flight change fee?
Answer 1. “Southwest has no change fee” for the alteration of the bookings, they just charge the fare difference if there is any.

Ques 2. How to change name on southwest ticket?
Answer 2. Passengers can request a name change on the tickets through the official website.

  • Enter the changes on the “change tab”
  • Tab on the “submit” option

Ques 3. Can the passengers alter the bookings after they have checked in?
Answer 3. Yes, you can alter the bookings after check-in







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